Vegas Vows – Linda Wisdom

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Come to the World of Weddings!
The Honorable Hannibal Jones, formerly of the Strip Drive-In Wedding Service and Mona’s Chapel of Love, is now presiding over the World of Weddings, leading all those dear men and women into blessed matrimony and providing them with special memories of their joining.
We can give you the fairytale wedding of your dreams. Whether you want your spiritual connection to be held in the Amazon jungle, complete with bird calls and native attendants, or on another planet with aliens of your choice, our advisors can arrange it.
Music, videos, photographs, flowers, special costumes and cake are available for an additional fee. Take advantage of our newest offering: your choice of an Elvis or Wayne Newton look-alike singing “We’ve Only Just Begun.”
If vows sadly disintegrate within six months we offer a 50% discount on your second glorious nuptials!
Vegas TV talk show host Robyn Sinclair hates the idea of a week of shows about weddings at the new make-your-fantasy-come-true chapel almost as much as she hates weddings in general. But as soon as chapel manager Matt Dylan meets Robyn, he can think of nothing else but tying the knot. With her! Sparks fly as these two professionals are forced to work together and pursue their own Vegas Vows.

Chapter One
“Come on, Fred, you can’t tell us you don’t feel at all guilty for having a two-year affair with your babysitter? You can’t sit up there and not think about the pain you caused your family by leaving your wife for her? Don’t you feel the least bit guilty for all the horrible things you’ve said about her to your friends and her family?” The slender blonde woman holding the microphone asked. She looked around at the audience behind her who nodded and clapped their agreement.
“Hell no, I don’t feel guilty!” the balding man blustered. “Why should I? Gail’s the one who was always runnin’ all over town at some womens’ club meeting or the PTA or her canasta group or whatever while Tammy stayed home lookin’ after the kids.”
“But that was her job,” the woman insisted. “She was hired to babysit your children. Not you.”
He leaned forward in his seat. “She never wanted to be bothered with the kids while, Tammy, here, is great with them. She’s a better mother than Gail ever was.” He turned his head just enough to glare at his ex-wife who sat on the other side of the nubile nineteen-year-old girl under heated discussion. “Tammy always had time for the kids. She even read stories to them and listened to them when they had a problem.”
“What a crock!” Gail sneered, standing up and advancing on her ex. “The kids told me every time she was over she made them stay upstairs so she could roll around on the floor with her boyfriend of the hour. Why she latched on to an idiot like you is a mystery to me. Unless she realized you make more than her boyfriends do at those fast food restaurants!”
“She loves me because I’m a real man!” He thumped his chest with his thumb.
Gail’s laughter mocked him. “Don’t make me laugh, Fred. That little girl wouldn’t know a real man if one walked right up to her and tapped her on the shoulder!”
“You’re just jealous because she’s made me happy and no man will ever want you!”
“We have some final questions from our audience,” the talk show hostess smoothly inserted. She held her microphone out to a woman.
“Young woman, you should be ashamed of luring this poor innocent man away from his family,” the woman accused, shaking her finger at Tammy before turning her wrath on the ‘poor innocent man’. “And you are stupid to think a poor specimen of manhood like yourself can keep a girl like her interested. The minute some young stud comes along she’ll be gone. You wait and see!”
Fred Jenkins’ face turned purple with indignation. “Now see here…!”
“I’m sorry, Fred, but I’m afraid we’re out of time for today. I want to thank our guests for being with us. Please tune in tomorrow when we talk to women who can’t pass a jewelry store without buying something whether they need it or not.” She turned to smile at the camera. “This is Robyn Sinclair wishing all of Las Vegas a great day.”
She kept her smile firmly pasted on her lips even as pandemonium broke onto the stage as the Gail tightly wrapped her hands around her ex-husband’s neck and screeched out every one of his faults in language that kept the censor buzzer going almost continually until they were off the air. Tammy joined in the battle trying to loosen the woman’s death grip on the man’s throat and received a rough shove from Gail for her efforts. In no time, several members of the crew were able to separate the combatants.
“I don’t know how you do it, Robyn, but you always seem to invite incredible interaction between your guests.” A tall, overly thin woman walked beside Robyn as she headed swiftly down the hallway to her dressing room where she hoped to find some peace and quiet. “And our viewers love it. You have such a gift in bringing out their most interesting sides.”
Robyn knew this was high praise from her producer who was known for saying little. “We could have ended up with a lot more than interesting if Ralph hadn’t found and taken away the gun Gail had in her purse before we went on the air. I want a lively show and enjoy it as much as the next person, but I’m not one for bloodshed. Especially, if I could end up one of the victims.” She shuddered at the thought.
Sylvia’s pale blue eyes lit up. “She brought a gun with her? She seemed so quiet when we first talked to her. I would have expected it more from Howard Lowell. He was so incensed about his wife running off with their male nanny his fury practically lit up the stage.” She rubbed her hands with glee.
Robyn nodded her agreement. “He did turn out to be the perfect choice to go on first.”
“Yes, he certainly was, my dear.” Her proper British accent rang out loud and clear as a brief smile tugged at her lips.
Robyn walked into her dressing room and collapsed on the small couch she’d acquired during her last contract negotiation. She toed off the high heels she wore to extend her five foot four inch height and wiggled her sore toes. She should have known Sylvia wouldn’t give up. The older woman took the chair in front of the dressing table and turned it to face Robyn.
“We are taking off like wildfire, Robyn. We are the highest rated talk show in the area and we need to work to keep it that way.”
“We have the ratings because we push some topics to the limit and people tune in to see how far we’ll go!” Robyn laughed.
“That’s exactly why we’re on cable. That way, we can get away with much more,” Sylvia reminded her.
Robyn’s groan was part wail. “Oh, please, no more nudists!”
“Why not? Everyone loved that show.” Sylvia crossed her legs and casually ran her well-manicured fingers over her stockings.
“Correction, everyone loved that ex-football player who enjoyed showing off his physique.” Robyn ran her fingers through her tawny blonde short tousled curls that was styled daily to accent her angular features and green eyes with the hint of gold in the emerald depths. She wasn’t stupid. She knew only too well that her job depended on her looks. Because she didn’t believe in sun-induced tans, she used a tinted moisturizer on her face and a sunless tanning lotion on her arms and legs for an added golden glow.
Today she wore a muted green dress that skimmed lissome curves she kept under control by a steady dose of exercise and watching what she ate. There were times when she wondered if she would blow up like a balloon if she went crazy and indulged in a super duper hot fudge sundae. She only wished she had the nerve to find out! But her future plans wouldn’t allow that. Not when she saw her ultimate goal coming closer with each rise in the ratings.
“Okay, boss, here’s your list of guests for next week.” A woman in her early twenties, wearing faded denim colored leggings and a hip length red bandanna t-shirt bounced into the room. With light brown hair hanging to her waist and minimal make up, she looked like a child of the sixties era. She handed a small stack of neatly typed pages to Robyn. “I already gave your copy to Vickie,” she told Sylvia, referring to the woman’s secretary. “She said if I saw you I was to remind you about your luncheon meeting.”
Robyn looked up at her personal assistant, studying the brighter than usual lights in the young woman’s eyes and the barely contained excitement shimmering through her body.
“All right, out with it,” she ordered.
“Out with what?” She widened her eyes with mock innocence.
“With whatever news you’re trying so hard to keep inside you and failing miserably.”
“If she tells us she met Mel Gibson in one of the casinos I will strangle her,” Sylvia drawled.
“Be grateful the man is happily married. I’d hate to think what you’d do if she told us she was having a hot and heavy affair with him,” Robyn teased.
Michelle’s laughter bubbled over. “I may not be having an affair with Mel Gibson, but I am getting married.” She jumped up and down in her excitement. “Isn’t it great?”
“You’re getting married?” Robyn couldn’t have moved from her chair if her life depended on it.
Sylvia’s hand was frozen in the air in the act of lighting her cigarette as she stared up at Robyn’s assistant who bounced around the dressing room.

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