Behind The Book — Only Love

She would defy him with all her might.

After a headline divorce, Kali Hughes had abandoned Beverly Hills for the lonely hills of Virginia. Bitterly, she vowed never to love again…until a man who knew her darkest secrets appeared on her doorstep, awakening long-buried hungers, bringing back searing memories of passions–and betrayal.

He would make her his at any cost.

He had come 3,000 miles to find her–and she greeted him with a shotgun at her cabin door. Once before Kali had gotten away. Travis Yates swore it wouldn’t happen again. He was determined to walk over that threshold on her terms…and stay on his own…to watch, to wait, to listen, demanding that Kali face the past, respond to the needs she could no longer deny, admit he was her…

Only Love

Writing the Behind the Book posts is fun in that I’m reliving the time I wrote a particular book, but it also means I have to find those memories. LOL!

Only Love was contracted for Dell Ecstasy Supreme, but the line closed before the book was published, so Dell released it as a single title in September, 1988.

This was about an emotionally scarred high fashion model who’s tracked down by a famous photographer who’s determined to use her in his campaign. Little did he know there was more to the woman than a beautiful face.
The book was for my buddy, author Mary Anne Wilson. I based the hero on actor Sam Elliott for her and ladies, hands off. She’ll fight for him tooth and nail. I also wrote about what in romance books was still a bit of a taboo subject and had to be handled carefully. It was drama, emotion and a love that was so strong the hero and heroine couldn’t fight it.

One cute memory of the book was from Mary Anne. She told him one day that her mother called her and told her she’d read a fantastic book and she felt Mary Anne should read it. You got it, the book was Only Love and her mom didn’t connect the author Linda Randall Wisdom with Mary Anne’s friend, Linda Wisdom.
There are days when we all want a book that holds a love that can’t be pushed aside.
I hope you’ll try Only Love and discover that emotion.

Right now it’s at Amazon and Smashwords and soon to be at BN for Nook and at the Apple store.


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