Five new Linda Wisdom Classics released

I guess everyone was very, very nice this year, because as a treat we have released five classic Linda Wisdom contemporary romances from the 80s and 90s for your reading pleasure.

Reach back into the eras of 3 martini lunches and cigarette holders. Office girls who fall in love with the boss. Strong men and women who want the best out of life. And all the glitz and glamour you can stand.

The following Wisdom titles are available in ebook AND print format:

Island Rogue
Unspoken Past
Counterfeit Husband
Bright Tomorrow
14 Karat Beauty

So, Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy the five new reissued classic romances of days gone by…like stepping into an episode of Mad Men!

Unspoken Past by Linda Wisdom Island Rogue Counterfeit Husband by Linda Wisdom Bright Tomorrow 15 Karat Beauty by Linda Wisdom

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