Our Firsts

We always remember our firsts, don’t we?

Whether it’s our first taste of chocolate, our first crush, first kiss, first true love – what can you expect? I’m a romance writer!

And for authors it’s also our first book.

One of my summer viewing pleasures was Bunheads on ABC Family Channel. In short, it was about a Las Vegas showgirl who marries a man who’s been in love with her for ages, moves to a small Northern California town and he dies in a car accident pretty much after they arrive. Michelle inherits the house and the dance studio his mother runs. Michelle and Frannie, mom-in-law are at odds, no surprise, but more funny than nasty. And we have a variety of high school ballet students with their own problems.

Why did I enjoy this show? Ballet, which is something I’ve always loved and as a little girl wanted to be a ballerina. I even walked around on my toes. Years later a close friend and I took beginner’s ballet class. I wasn’t too much of a klutz and enjoyed it.

It also gave me the idea for my first book. If I was going to strain my body every week I may as well make it worthwhile.

I picked my dance teacher’s brain, watched ballet videos, and picked up a book on ballet terminology.

And started work on a book about a ballerina and a soldier who meet and fall in love. Since we’re talking the late 1970s the story was about an alpha heroine and delicate virgin heroine then threw in a secret baby after she fled their doomed marriage.

Even with all the research I did Dancer in the Shadows didn’t have a lot of ballet in there, but it didn’t matter. I knew what the heroine was all about and that’s what mattered to me.

As my first book written and then sold, it’s very special to me. And always a nice reminder of the class I took so long ago.

Watching Bunheads is another reminder of the book that started my career.

Do you have anything that does that for you? It wouldn’t even have to be a movie and television show. Perhaps a book or even something you’ve seen when you’ve been out and about.


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