Behind the Book — Love Has Many Voices

20140317_103532Witch, princess, monster, or minstrel – Holly Sutton could speak in a million voices. A whirlwind of casual creativity, a magnet for every kid within calling range, she made a handsome living doing TV cartoon voice-overs. Her life in Thousand Oaks was ideal – except for Jonathan Lockwood, her stuffy neighbor. A banker, he might have been the model for Scrooge – if Scrooge had hazel eyes and a body designed to die for. So why had Holly agreed to accompany him to San Francisco’s most elegant hotel? And why was she suddenly trying to make herself over in his image? They were worlds apart and ne’er the twain would meet … unless they could learn to speak in the voice that understood the intimate need that bound them beyond every difference – the very special voice of love.


I’m a big fan of the classic cartoons. Looney Tunes/Merry Melodies are my favorites and I still see the animated films that come out. And who can ever forget Mel Blanc, the man of a million voices who made Bugs Bunny and so many others life?

I knew I wanted the heroine of Love Has Many Voices to be a voiceover actress. This petite woman could go from a chirpy woodland animal to a stiff-voiced computer voice to a sultry female that gave every red-blooded man ideas. That she looked more like a pixie says a lot for her talent. Even if said red-blooded man is a by-the-banker. Did I happen to mention that not only was Holly cute as a bug but she wore braces when Jonathan first met her? Oh no, she isn’t your typical romance book heroine.

But that’s what made her fun to write. That and her more than lovable dog, Ralph who was known to moan and softly howl when a neighbor’s toy poodle was in heat. It didn’t matter to him that he was probably ten times her size. After all, it’s what the heart wants that matters. Ralph was also based on our dog, Mac, who was in love with a neighbor’s toy poodle, Gigi, who rejected him at every turn.

Holly and Jonathan were opposites in every way. That didn’t stop them from falling in love even if Jonathon feared his deep secret could tear them apart.

I hope you enjoy Holly and Jonathon’s story.


Behind The Book — Sudden Impulse

He tightened his hold on her hand and slowly pulled until her face was inches from his. “Your heart rate just sped up and your skin is growing warmer at the thought of our lying on the grass and making love.”

She tried to keep her breathing steady. “For a businessman you have such an incredible imagination,” she finally forced out.

He smiled. “Is it? Think about it, Kelly—the two of us lying down here on incredibly thick grass, my slipping off your clothes, you taking off mine. Our having the chance to discover what we’ve missed. While moonlight is great for making love, sunlight is much better.”

Liquid desire rushed through her veins as she visualized all he was talking about, arousing her until all she could think of was his body merging with hers. “Ben,” she managed to say, “I told you before that it’s not a good idea. I’m very confused about what’s happening between us, and I’m still trying to understand something I’ve never experienced before.”

“When I’m around you I discover it’s not easy to go slow,” he said, lowering them to the grass….

What if you were told you only had a short time to live? What would you do? Would you worry that you not only hit your ex-husband because he deserved itBeautiful girl standing on the rock, but he lost a few teeth in the process, and now he wants to sue you for damages? Any reason it should bother you if you’re going to die soon?

If you’re Kelly Andrews you’d leave Los Angeles behind and take off for a tropical island and buy a waterfront tavern because it’s the exact opposite of anything you’d be expected to do.

But hiding out isn’t all that easy to do when Australian Ben Wyatt is tracking the woman who creates hand painted silks and designs that he wants for his boutiques. The man isn’t easy to resist and seriously, who would want to.

I wanted a book with a heroine who was convinced she only had a short time to live and was determined to make the most of that time. The Elaine in the book is based on my good friend and fantastic author, Elaine Raco Chase. As always, I insert the mention of chocolate with yummy Goo Goo Clusters that are so good they’re sinful.

I wanted a heroine who finally realized hiding away wasn’t a good thing and a sexy hero who was determined she have the kind of life she deserved. Setting the story on a tropical island seemed just right and the perfect background for romance.

Sudden Impulse was one of the three Bantam Loveswepts I wrote and I hope you enjoy Kelly and Ben’s romance. It’s available at Amazon and Smashwords right now and will soon be available at Barnes & Noble for the Nook.

Visit the islands with its sea breezes, exotic flowers and just the right man for those magic nights.


Behind The Book — All A Man Could Want

All A Man Could Want

How could Dr. Kate Bradley succumb to a sexy patient in her own office!

The beautiful dermatologist’s problem was obvious. Mark Harrison bore a near-fatal resemblance to the notorious movie idol, Ty Winters. Computer programmer by day, celebrity look-alike by night, Mark swept the dedicated doctor off her feet. Nothing had interfered with Kate’s dream of establishing her own private practice until now. This devastating man wanted her to know the real Mark Harrison while he seduced her with Ty Winters’ irresistible charm. She couldn’t afford love’s distractions. But how could she say no once she’d said yes to the man who set her afire?

Let me say I loved writing for the Dell Candlelight Ecstasy line. My incredible editor let me loose with story ideas and never batted an eye. I enjoyed writing fun sassy books, and still do. All A Man Could Want was one of those.
Our Romance Writers of America chapter had a celebrity lookalike at our one of our meetings. I sat there and thought ‘there’s a book there’. We talked for some time, I learned what it was like to be a celebrity lookalike and I decided it would only be right to present the hero with something that no one would want to discuss except with their doctor. Nothing major, but could be a tad embarrassing for a guy. And no, not THAT. LOL!
I created a dermatologist who only had one goal, her own practice. Kate needed a life and sexy Mark Harrison, who could be a bit of a geek but looked like a sexy actor, was just what she needed.
I always say there is at least one true incident in each of my books. The names were changed to protect the guilty. This one has a celebrity lookalike and since a friend of mine had some pretty disastrous dates, I used one of those too. My friends are wonderful in providing me fodder for my books!
I wanted to write a fun sassy book with some engaging characters and I hope you’ll see that too.


Behind The Book — Splendor At Dawn

Any author will tell you she/he hears the question ‘where do you get your ideas?’ There are a variety of answers that come with it.

I know for me it comes from many areas, even to asking friends if I can use a fun incident that came from their lives.

Splendor at Dawn came from a time that was scary, hopeful and in the end, the absolute best gift someone can have. The gift of life.

Diane, my absolute best friend, sister of my heart who I’ve known just about all my life is an inspiration in many ways. We joke we remain friends because we have too much dirt on each other and we’ve been there for each other in many stages of our lives.
Diane scared her family and friends when she suffered a brain aneurysm when we were in our thirties. Or as she calls it, her brain leaked. For awhile, we didn’t know if she’d live or die and her recovering with pretty much nothing more than losing a week’s worth of memories (maybe that was a good thing. She might have had a lot of bad hair days — my twisted sense of humor). Months later she became pregnant and had a handsome boy who’s getting married later this year. Congratulations Travis!

I admired her strength, her humor and I love her so much. That was why I wrote Splendor at Dawn. I wrote about a heroine who suffered from a stroke and recovered only to have her husband leave her and she felt she had to start over. Starting over can be a good thing or a bad one. Evelyne (a name of a dear friend) was a bit shaky but she chose to move forward and a trip to Hawaii gave her a man who would do anything to be the man she deserves. The question is, after what she went through, can she trust enough after a former betrayal?

I wanted to write a book that was heartwarming, showing a rich love and two characters who truly deserve to be together. And I wanted a book that allowed me to think of Diane.

Splendor at Dawn was one of my Dell Ecstasy Supremes that I’m pleased to be able to see out again.

It’s available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords and Apple.

If you’re looking for a heartwarming romance I hope you’ll try Evelyne and Rhyder’s story.


Behind The Book — Only Love

She would defy him with all her might.

After a headline divorce, Kali Hughes had abandoned Beverly Hills for the lonely hills of Virginia. Bitterly, she vowed never to love again…until a man who knew her darkest secrets appeared on her doorstep, awakening long-buried hungers, bringing back searing memories of passions–and betrayal.

He would make her his at any cost.

He had come 3,000 miles to find her–and she greeted him with a shotgun at her cabin door. Once before Kali had gotten away. Travis Yates swore it wouldn’t happen again. He was determined to walk over that threshold on her terms…and stay on his own…to watch, to wait, to listen, demanding that Kali face the past, respond to the needs she could no longer deny, admit he was her…

Only Love

Writing the Behind the Book posts is fun in that I’m reliving the time I wrote a particular book, but it also means I have to find those memories. LOL!

Only Love was contracted for Dell Ecstasy Supreme, but the line closed before the book was published, so Dell released it as a single title in September, 1988.

This was about an emotionally scarred high fashion model who’s tracked down by a famous photographer who’s determined to use her in his campaign. Little did he know there was more to the woman than a beautiful face.
The book was for my buddy, author Mary Anne Wilson. I based the hero on actor Sam Elliott for her and ladies, hands off. She’ll fight for him tooth and nail. I also wrote about what in romance books was still a bit of a taboo subject and had to be handled carefully. It was drama, emotion and a love that was so strong the hero and heroine couldn’t fight it.

One cute memory of the book was from Mary Anne. She told him one day that her mother called her and told her she’d read a fantastic book and she felt Mary Anne should read it. You got it, the book was Only Love and her mom didn’t connect the author Linda Randall Wisdom with Mary Anne’s friend, Linda Wisdom.
There are days when we all want a book that holds a love that can’t be pushed aside.
I hope you’ll try Only Love and discover that emotion.

Right now it’s at Amazon and Smashwords and soon to be at BN for Nook and at the Apple store.


Behind the Book — Caution – Man At Work

Cole Bishop had appeared in her hour of need and she’d done it–hired him–a male housekeeper! Perhaps now, with her twin boys in his care, she could get back to her demanding career in advertising.

In no time her chaotic household was running smoothly. The boys were in heaven. But Kelly Connors hadn’t counted on Cole insinuating himself into her life so personally…so passionately. Nor was she prepared for her ex-husband’s intrusion on their newfound domestic bliss or his vicious threats to take the children from her. And when the boys suddenly vanished, Kelly was terrified, torn.

Had she asked too much, wanting her children, her career, her independence–and the man she loved? Could Cole–a journalist doing “undercover” research on house-husbanding–help her find both her boys and all the answers?

Back in late 1981 I wanted to write a couple books that I called role reversal. One idea was a bodyguard heroine who was former military wand I knew I wanted her to take a bullet for her boss, the hero. Back then it wasn’t done.

My other idea was writing a book with a male housekeeper. Who doesn’t have the dream of a good looking guy cleaning our houses? I didn’t want to make it easy for either heroine or hero, so I threw in mischievous twin boys and a rambunctious sheepdog. When I pitched the two ideas to my Silhouette editor I was told that just wasn’t done. But I wasn’t going to stop, so I urged my then agent to submit the synopses to Dell Candlelight Ecstasy. The books sold and I was let loose.

I always like to put at least one true event in a book. This one had two. A fantasy love scene was courtesy of a friend who told me about her experience with the perfect man and the boys were based on a little girl in my preschool church class. And I only used a fraction of what she did! Here was this adorable five year old girl who loved frilly dresses and looked like an angel but thought nothing of flushing her brothers’ action toys or dog kibble down the toilet.

Some books are more fun to write than others. Caution – Man At Work was one of the fun ones. I may not be a mom, but I have my share of kids to borrow for material and I’ve done just that. I had a woman with a demanding job and an attraction to the guy who was keeping her house in order. And I had a man who had no clue how to use a washing machine, but did it because he was a writer working undercover. And the ladies in the neighborhood really enjoyed watching shirtless Cole mowing the lawn!

One of the funniest things was sitting at the movies much later on and seeing a trailer for Mr. Mom. My friend stared at me and said “you already did that”.

I only hope everyone else will see Caution – Man At Work as a fun read too.

You can find it at Amazon and Smashwords and will soon be available at BN for Nook and iTunes.



Behind the Book — Voices in the Night

The young beautiful girl

His Voice Was Her Heartbeat

Malnutrition, cruelty and blazing heat were the unbearable realities of the South American prison. All that stood behind newscaster MJ Blake and the madness of despair was a stranger’s voice.

As the days turned into weeks, the unseen reporter in the adjoining cell gave MJ courage when she needed it, replaced her apathy with anger, and even made her laugh. They shared whispered memories, hopes, secrets and regrets …

Eighteen months after winning her freedom, MJ was pretending that her life, her work and her psyche weren’t ravaged by a season in the darkest corner of hell.

And then MJ heard the voice …

There are always so many sources for our ideas. Some we search for, others just appear when we least expect it.

That’s what happened to me late one night in 1989.

Since my husband traveled a lot and I’m a night owl to begin with, I enjoyed watching a lot of late night TV. One such night, I watched a documentary on PBS about post traumatic stress disorder also known as combat fatigue and shell shock. John Huston directed a documentary in 1946 titled Let There Be Light, but it was banned from public view for 30 years. It showed soldiers entering a hospital and the care they received for their care.

By the time it was finished I was crying and I knew I had the beginning of an idea. During that time I also saw a news story on military nurses who suffered PTSD after returning from war zones.

But how would I write it?

No. I thought if soldiers suffered this, why not others who entered combat zones. That’s when I thought of war correspondents. MJ Blake popped into my head and the story was born. She worked as a war correspondent and in the beginning of the book was shut up in a cell in a South American prison with her only human contact the prisoner in the next cell. Naturally a guy with a gorgeous Australian accent and even if she couldn’t see him, she had someone to talk to.

Except when MJ escapes the prison she leaves damaged. I knew that her boss would need to see something that would really hit home and one morning a sonic boom overhead gave me that idea. A sonic boom over MJ’s office that had her scrambling for cover.

And why MJ shows up at a retreat that’s set up to help those like her and yes, Jake Palmer is also there, because he was equally damaged.

While they’re seeking help, they also seek each other, because they feel no one else can understand them.

My Harlequin American Romance Voices in the Night was first released in 1991. It wasn’t an easy book to write, but I felt compelled and to this day I’m happy I’m did. I’m even happier that the book is now available as an ebook at Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


Five new Linda Wisdom Classics released

I guess everyone was very, very nice this year, because as a treat we have released five classic Linda Wisdom contemporary romances from the 80s and 90s for your reading pleasure.

Reach back into the eras of 3 martini lunches and cigarette holders. Office girls who fall in love with the boss. Strong men and women who want the best out of life. And all the glitz and glamour you can stand.

The following Wisdom titles are available in ebook AND print format:

Island Rogue
Unspoken Past
Counterfeit Husband
Bright Tomorrow
14 Karat Beauty

So, Happy Holidays everyone. Enjoy the five new reissued classic romances of days gone by…like stepping into an episode of Mad Men!

Unspoken Past by Linda Wisdom Island Rogue Counterfeit Husband by Linda Wisdom Bright Tomorrow 15 Karat Beauty by Linda Wisdom

Fluff and Puff — Naughty or Nice List?

You’re on the Naughty List!”

“No, you’re on the Naughty List!”

Red, gold and dark green sparks of magick flew through the air as the bunny slippers faced off.

“Santa wrote Fluff on the naughty list,” Puff insisted, glaring at his brother slipper.

“The name there is Puff,” Fluff countered, shooting another a red spear of power at him. The slipper deftly avoided the weapon.
“Hey! What in Hades is going on here?” A wide-eyed Jazz stared the disaster zone once known as her bedroom.

Her black and white print comforter hung from the ceiling while red and black throw pillows floated around the room. Perfume bottles drifted around like scented ornaments. She quickly ducked just in time as a shot of magick almost created a new part in her hair.
“Stop it now!” She threw out her hands and froze the slippers in place. Their eyes rolled and tiny growls left their mouths as they glared at her. “If you promise to behave and clean up this mess I will release you. And then I want to know why you two are acting like this. Blink one for yes, you’ll behave.” After the receiving the signal. She reversed her spell. “Now, why are you fighting?”

“Fluff is on the Naughty List and he claims it’s me,” Puff shouted, bouncing up and down.

“It’s Puff who’s on the Naughty List!”

“So why the battle?”

Fluff tipped his ear toward Jazz and a long scroll unrolled in front of her.

Her lips parted in shock. “You stole Santa’s Naughty List? It’s Christmas Eve! Santa needs this list tonight.”

“And he’s on it.” They pointed at each other.

“But it doesn’t say exactly which one of us is on it,” Puff explained. “Look under the Us.”

Jazz scanned the List and soon saw why the problem. “Uff,” she said.

“For Puff.”

“For Fluff!”

They glared at each other and started revving up some magick until Jazz pointed a warning finger at each other.

“You know what? I don’t have time for this. Nick, Krebs, and Letitia and I are going to a party tonight.” She headed for her closet and pulled out a red sparkly dress. “I want this mess cleaned up by the time I get out of the shower. And the two of you make up. Personally, I wouldn’t put either of you on the Nice List. And I’m sure Santa would agree with me.” After pulling lingerie out of drawers she sailed into the bathroom. “And clean up my room!”

“Like she cleans it up,” Puff muttered, zapping the floating pillows while Fluff worked on bringing the comforter back to the bed. The perfume bottles returned to their upright position on the dresser. “As if there’s someone out there named Uff.”

Fluff’s dark eyes lit up and he spun around. “There’s one way to find out for sure,” he said slowly.

Puff stared at his partner in magickal crime and smiled.


This time, they linked their ears and willed their power to a new high.
“Santa, come to us. Come to us now. Santa, bring our presents and bring them swift. Prove we’re on the Nice List,” they chanted. “And give it to us now right away!”

The temperature in the room dropped a good sixty degrees as snow fell on them in thick drifts.

“Whoa, something went wrong!” Fluff’s fangs chattered.

“The sound of sleigh bells rang loud in their ears and they ducked as something large swooped over their heads.

“Why have you called me here? This is my busiest night of the year.” The large man dressed in red trimmed with white fur climbed out of his sleigh and loomed over the bunny slippers. He spied the scroll lying nearby. “So that’s where it went.” He snapped his fingers, The scroll instantly appeared between his gloved fingertips and he tucked it away. Then he turned his gaze on the slippers. “Why did you steal my Naughty List?”

“To see which one of us was on it,” the slippers said in unison.

His belly jiggled as he laughed. “Silly bunny slippers. You have your very own list.” He snapped his fingers again and a scroll unrolled until it almost filled the room. “Master Uff only had a few transgressions to rate being on the Naughty List. The two of you surpassed that.” He frowned at them.

“Soooo, no gifts?” Fluff asked, trying unsuccessfully to wrap his ears around his shivering body.

“No sled? ATV? Race car?” Puff added.

“Only what you deserve.” Santa hopped into his sleigh and took off in a wink of red and gold lights.

A holiday dressed Jazz walked out of the bathroom in a cloud of her favorite perfume. “Now you better have cleaned everythi—“ She stopped short, stared at the chaos that used to be her room and shook her head. She took several deep breaths but the rolling thunder overhead warned everyone her temper was rapidly fraying. She returned to the bathroom and came back out holding two scrub brushes and a bottle of cleaner. “Get to it.” She navigated the room on red high heels and closed the door behind her.

Fluff zapped his cleaning brush at his brother. “You just had to steal the List, didn’t you?”

“Me? It was you!” Both brushes flew at Puff.

They bounced off the mountain of coal, sending black dust everywhere and turning it into a yucky black paste courtesy of the snow Santa left behind.

PS: It took a lot of Jazz’s magick to get the room back to what it was and as for the slippers, they weren’t off the Naughty List for a Very Long Time.

So whether you’re on the Nice List or Naughty List, have a wonderful holiday!

Tis The Season!

It’s natural that Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. And Christmas is right up there.

Let’s see. With one, you can get lots of candy. The other you can get lots of candy, cookies, and presents. But that’s not why I love the two holidays. Well, maybe a little bit.

I love the colors and the energy that comes with it. There is nothing more enjoyable than driving around at night and seeing all the decorations. I remember growing up where the house of an aerospace engineer always had incredible decorations. Santa in a rocket ship one year including motion and sound effects was one of my favorites.

No wonder I was so happy when I was asked to write a Christmas theme book for Harlequin American Romance. I was asked to do that for three years and I have the rights back to two of those books, which are out right now.

Twas the Night was originally titled He’s A Rebel and is my flat out fun book. A government agent wants to quit the agency in order to take care of her orphaned niece and nephew is now on the run because her boss refuses to accept her resignation. Plus we have a true crime writer who’s decided to hole up in a Lake Tahoe cabin he owns jointly with his best friends. He doesn’t care it’s Christmastime. Ukiah ‘Ki’ Jones has a book about an infamous serial killer to write and the cabin is his idea of solitude. Too bad that’s not going to happen with Sydney Taylor and her two young charges and two dogs barging into his solitude. A man who’s determined to never marry and a formerly footless and fancy free woman who doesn’t see marriage in her future either. Used to a life on the edge and roaming the world on dangerous assignments she’s determined to give her niece and nephew the home life they deserve. But as we all know love barges in where we don’t expect it and that’s what happens here. Plus, with children, can Christmas really be ignored?

Mistletoe Magic originally titled No Room at the Inn is my holiday Brigadoon. I thought of the idea of a Christmas village in Vermont that’s only visible during the month of December and disappears every Christmas night at midnight. A village only reveals itself to those who truly need that magic of the holidays. Quinn and Santee, who was first introduced in Sometimes A Lady, meet on a blizzard covered road and find sanctuary in a small village that they think celebrate Christmas 365 days a year. Quinn is an advertising executive who needs to decide if the man who proposed to her is the man she wants to be with for the rest of her life and for some unknown reason deputy sheriff Santee felt the need to travel from California to Vermont. Attraction is immediate and along the way Quinn also is able to confront a piece of her past and help a woman and her granddaughter not end up the way she did.

In romances, falling in love is expected. And when you can add a holiday to it it’s even more special.

Twas the Night and Mistletoe Magic are available at Amazon and Smashwords and soon available for Nook, Apple, Sony, and Kobo.

I hope you’ll try my holiday romances and find yourself transported to something unique.

And then you can share the Christmas spirit.

A Happy Holiday to you all!